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  • What is dustless blasting?
    Dustless blasting is a revolutionary way to remove virtually any coating, from almost any surface, without creating a large plume of dust.
  • Is blasting really dustless?
    Our equipment works by combining water and a multitude of abrasives. By introducing water, we are drastically increasing mass and energy that the machine can expel, while suppressing dust. Compared to traditional sandblasting, the process is essentially dustless because there are so few airborne particles.
  • Does blasting prepare the surface for paint?
    It will clean and remove paint as well as etch the surface area allowing for excellent bonding of primers or sealers.
  • Will blasting warp metal?
    Dustless blasting will NOT cause warping. Friction and heat are reduced by the addition of water. Warping occurs when metal heats up due to friction from dry abrasive. The temperature of the metal being blasted typically comes down about 10°F from ambient.
  • What is done to prevent flash rusting after blasting?
    To prevent flash rusting, EcoBlast uses an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor. This product is approved by all paint manufacturers and is ready to accept paint after it has been applied.
  • Is blasting harmful to the environment?
    EcoBlast only uses environmentally friendly media. Most common is a 40/70 recycled bottle glass mix. This mix is chemically inert and contains less than 1% free silica.
  • Is blasting harmful to people and/or animals?
    Traditional sand blasting can create hazardous dust levels releasing toxic metals that come from both the blasting media as well as the substrate and coatings being blasted. Our equipment suppresses the dust using water which grounds the abrasive and material being removed. By doing this, it does not pose the same risks as traditional sand blasting.
  • Do I bring the project to you or do you travel?
    EcoBlast is 100% mobile. We travel to your location to complete all projects. This will help reduce downtime from the entire project timeframe.
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